Medical Alert ID


If your pet has a medical condition or needs medication this is a terrific medical pet id tag for your pet to wear.

Peace of Mind...

In case of emergency this tag tells the finder that your pet needs help, right away.  Our pet id tags come with your pets profile page at no additional cost.

Upload your pet's medical documents, list medications needed, vet information list whatever is critical for someone to know if your pet is lost or injured make sure they can be helped, travel documents and much more.  Help your pet when they need it most.

This tag tells the person who finds your pet exactly what they need to know, be aware that your pet has special medical needs.  List your pets medical condition, list whatever is critical for someone to know such as any medication they require, Vet information etc all in their online pet profile page. 

NEW - Now someone who finds your lost or injured pet can enter their phone number hit send and you and all your contacts will get a text with the person’s phone number!  You can call them right back that is helping your pet fast.

  • Instructions on back of every tag
  • Standard Size (1.125" in diameter)
  • No Annual Fee
  • Update pet's info 24/7

See a sample pet profile page here:


Guarantee:  If you are dissatisfied for any reason please let us know at we will do everything to correct any issue you may have. 

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